Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Voice of Voters re: "Married" to Bill DeBlasio....................A Joint Memoir from Some Ex-Constituents

CG CORD Newsletter 10/17/2013

The Voice of Voters

Hello from CORD!

We heard from many readers---regarding our recent piece, "Married" to Bill DeBlasio....................A Joint Memoir from Some Ex-Constituents
co-published with PMFA yesterday.

Not everyone wanted their comments published, but here is one from: Joe from Carroll Gardens.  Please read on:

"Can recall many years ago, getting a sepia-toned mailing of an old Italian immigrant and how a Bill DeBlasio reflected on that heritage etc etc

I thought his name sounded so much like Dibrienza that many of the older folks might just get confused in the voting booths?

Years later, I recall a local paper (believe the reporter was Eric Enquist now with CriansNY) saying his DeBlasio name was actually Warren Wilhelm am that a German ancestry at that time, decades ago would have made it a far harder climb into the political ranks.

He hadn't officially changed his name until a year before running for public Advocate -- which meant that each election he ran in an AKA which is against NY State law. You have to sign your real name - and attest to any AKAs, which would mean he was fraudulently identifying himself? This law prevents anyone from running as Martin Luther King Jr. Etc - but didn't slow down a Bill DeBlasio (whose wife also worked at the Board of Elections).

Today, we can google and discover that despite DeBlasio's new narrative of why/how/when he changed his name -- his own mother was using the Wilhelm name in 1988 when she published her book (covered by the NY Times). So if She was using it - and his brothers still are - what's the weight of his new story?"

"Joe from
Carroll Gardens"
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10/16/2013  "Married" to Bill DeBlasio....................A Joint Memoir from Some Ex-Constituents

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