Friday, November 9, 2012

Gowanus Canal Flooding Videos during Hurricane Sandy

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Here are two VERY compelling videos taken as the Superfunded Gowanus Canal overflowed into our area during Hurricane Sandy. They clearly depict both the force, and the wide extent of the flooding waters, especially along Bond Street at the crossings of Second Street, Carroll Street and Unions Street.  Many residents and businesses were left with this same water and toxic and a toxic sludge sitting in their basements after Hurricane Sandy.  Others had to remove debris left by the Gowanus Canal on sidewalks, roadways, and yards
Many  report not knowing how to safely clean up after the Superfund water reached them.

Sandy Surge Floods Bond Street Gownaus Brooklyn
Don't Build here!

The second flooding video can be found here

The NY Times has printed an article on the topic of the Superfunded Gowanus canal flooding: "In Brooklyn, Worrying About Not Only Flooding but Also What’s in Water"

And David Green, the Brooklyn Heights science teacher who offered suggestions on cleaning up the Gowanus Canal flooding aftermath that we posted at CORD earlier at
has left a new comment with his warnings at the PMFA blog:

"There are two issues:
1) sewage which contains bacteria and viruses which could make your family sick (hepatitis ,strep and staph infections etc)."

"2) chemicals such as lead mercury and PCB’s which could have severe long term health effects.  If your apartment or house was flooded with Gowanus water and sludge, it definitely has the first and may have the second. There is no way to know about the concentrations of chemicals (some of which produce vapors that ensure getting a dose), without appropriate lab tests. Heavy metals are easy to test for and every environmental lab has the equipment to run those tests.  I would certainly not return to such a dwelling especially with children until such tests were made."

"If your house was not flooded but you are worrying about the air quality the same applies but it is not as urgent. Most bacteria and viruses do not get into the air even if the air stinks from sewage.  Chemical vapors may be present to some degree, and again the only way to know if levels are safe is for the air to be tested.  You must get the DEP and whatever other agencies involved. Write a letter to the mayors office and the times it may motivate them."

He left his email address in the comment section of this PMFA story for people to contact him with other questions.



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