Friday, July 15, 2011

The 'Indignant Citizens Movment' in Greece/Europe, Part Two

"Greece is Not for Sale! Our Politicans Are!" Photo by Triada Samaras (2011) taken in Syntagma Sqaure, Greece, home of the Greek Parliament Building. (Syntagma means "Constitution")

Liberty Leading the People
Artist: Eugène Delacroix
Oil on canvas Dimensions 260 cm × 325 cm (102.4 in × 128.0 in)
Location Louvre, Paris

As I wondered aloud a few days ago,

"What might we citizens of Brooklyn learn from the "Indignant Citizens" movement currently taking place in Greece/Europe that might be useful to us here in Brooklyn, NY?"

As a CORD Co-Founder, an 'artist/activist' since 2007, and as a Greek-American, I was very struck recently by what I encountered on my travels to Greece, where I captured many images
of the 'Indignant Citizens" at Syntagma Square. See:

I promised to features some of these photographs with my English translations, as I am sure that many of you will find these images and words to be not only poignant, but inspiring.

I also said I will be featuring some wise words from Mr. Yianni Zaglaris, mathematician and philosopher, who lives in Athens next to Syntagma Square. These too, have been translated from their original Greek. Below is a brief article recently submitted to CORD by Mr. Zaglaris about the current situation in Greece.


Triada Samaras
CORD Co-Founder


What is happening in Greece today, is not something different from what has happened many times in the past, not only in Greece but also in many other countries. People are fighting for more freedom against governmental measures imposing more slavery. Since the barbarians who rule the world have established an inhuman equivalent between freedom and money, people’s fighting for more freedom means fighting for more money.

From time to time, various governments the world over have shown directly this inhuman face to the people they rule over. They have minimized payments 
-except those provided for their own pockets- increasing at the same time all kinds of taxes strangling the market. With this attitude they achieved two aims: They spread terror to the folk, so that no one dared to raise the standard of revolt against their injustice; and they proved that there is only one rule in the market: Money. No other rules are accepted.

Some time thereafter, governments have returned to the previous situation showing a more human face. They have granted several financial facilities, subsidies, loans, etc. and they have held elections. The people have felt flattered. They may even have voted for the party of their own preference. So life has continued to go on.

Now the big question is this: Will life continue to go on towards the same way, without reversal, after what is happening in Greece today?

(Translated from Greek Athens, July 4, 2011
by Triada Samaras) by John G. Zaglaris

John G. Zaglaris was born in Tsaritsani / Larissa, Greece on June 13, 1941. He is an undergraduate mathematician of the Zurich University and a graduate marketer of the Institute of Marketing / Maidenhead, England. Since his primary education John Zaglaris has devoted himself to a life work attending to the hour to come, when he would reconstruct mathematically
the existence of a fantastic “perpetuum mobile”. A specific political vision unifying the whole world in order to have one global government and one global currency. The drachma.


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