Monday, November 16, 2009

Another One of Your Neighbors SPEAKS OUT to Rep. Clarke!


Your latest comments to our Congressional Representative keep coming is another one of your neighbors speaking out...

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"Dear Deanna

While I was not able to attend the meeting I felt the response that you proffered was mostly rhetoric and reads as if Congress Member Clarke is myopically focused on procrastinating by asking questions of the EPA that actually support the arguments of the Bloomberg Administration and in no way reflects the voice or concerns of CORD and all other community organizations which is to keep politics out and to let the science speak for itself. EPA is the logical choice to address this clean-up because they are experts in the business of cleaning up toxic sites, not the city or state. We support the EPA based on science and a proven record.

Our consistent call to be added to the Superfund list is based on facts that have been explained over and over again and remain undisputed by the impartial and non political experts in this field. It appears as if Congress Member Clarke is falling right in line with all the city politicians who are attempting to drag out this process based on irrelevant information and disregard our community filled with people who actually live and work in this area. The city only began to take an interest in the Gowanus after they made their behind the scenes development deals and the Superfund investigation became public.

Even if it took the EPA 10 years, that is 10 better than it has been for the past 100 years. It is not the time frame but rather who is best suited and equipped to complete this job properly. The Superfund Project was established specifically to address sites such as the Gowanus and the issues surrounding this project could not be more on point with what the EPA's sole purpose. Let them do their job. Deanna, if you had a flood in your home which became toxic would you call a city politician to fix it?

Congress Member Clarke is either not fully informed or doesn't understand the issues or if she does, has chosen to disregard them.

Thank you,

R. S.,
Carroll Gardens Resident


With the "Protect Our Homes" petition, CORD was formed in May, 2007. This petition arose as an overwhelmingly negative response to the coming of the over-sized 360 Smith Street Development at the corner of Smith Street and Second Place (Aka Oliver House; aka 131 Second Place). This petition, which had well over three thousand signatures, led to a new zoning text amendment in summer of 2008.

To: Our Elected Officials, Community Leaders, The MTA:
(MAY, 2007)

We the undersigned Carroll Gardens homeowners and residents, are appalled by the "as of right" ruling which allows owners and developers to erect buildings in our neighborhood with no regard to the impact they will present to our quality of life and the value of our homes........